2019 - 20 Middle School Music Elective Request Page

Beginning Band / Choir / Strings II



  • Those that do not register online or who do not get into their requested class will be put in the Middle School 6th period rotation.

  • Registration begins NOW and ends at 5:00 pm on March 15.

  • Submitting the online form does not guarantee acceptance into a class.

  • Students will not be put in more than ONE class, so please choose your first and second choice carefully.

  • Registration for after school DANCE will take place in August.

  • BAND: Students only get a choice of instrument if they provide their own. Instruments that will be available are  drums (limited), clarinet, trombone, and trumpet. (Also flute, baritone horn, and saxophone IF owned by the student.)
  • STRINGS II: Strings are opened to students who have taken at least one year of strings previously. No beginning students.

  • CHOIR: Previous experience is recommended. An audition may be required.

  • There is no registration available for current fifth graders. Current elementary choir, strings, and band members will be placed by their instructor.


  1. Click on the link below to take you to your grade-specific registration site. You will repeat this process for each student you have going into grades 7 and 8.

  2. Follow the instructions on the page and enter all required information, including last name, first name, student number (optional), and current homeroom teacher.

  3. Use the pull-down menus to make your first and second choices for music elective classes. If you do not have a second choice, please choose "none." Only available choices for your grade will be shown.

  4. When you are finished, don't forget to submit your form. At that time it will be time stamped.

  5. Please register only once per student. Multiple registrations will be ignored.

 Registration Links

Current Grade Six

Current Grade Seven

Frequently Asked Questions

 When does my student need an instrument?

The instructor will let the student know when an instrument will be required. .

I want my student to play a specific instrument. Where can I rent one?

Rentals are available from DB music, Roll Over Beethoven's,  or another music store. 

 Do I need to sign a contract?

 Parents only need to sign a contract if they are using a school instrument. These contracts are given out when instruments are assigned.

 HOW to contact the teacher with any questions?

 Email addresses are provided on the acceptance form.

 If my student got into his/her second choice, is he/she on a waiting list for their first choice?

 No. A student can only be in one elective class. If a student got into their second choice, it is because the first choice is full. Waiting list are generated by timestamp from those who did not get into their first choice OR second choice.

 Are there waiting lists for those who did not make it into a class? How does that work?

 Waiting lists are generated using the time stamp from registration. We do not accept add-ons to waiting lists.