2019 - 20 Elementary Elective Request Page

Band / Strings / Choir



Please Scroll Down for Frequently Asked Questions

  • Submitting the online form does not guarantee acceptance into a class

  • Students will not be put in more than ONE class, so please choose your first and second choice carefully.

  • If you do not have a second choice, PLEASE enter NONE in the answer field!

  • BAND: Students with a specific instrument choice will supply their own instrument.

  • STRINGS: Instruments are available for rental. 

  • DANCE is not offered this year.

  • UKULELE is not offered this year.


1.      Click on the link below to take you to your grade-specific course request site. You will repeat this process for each student you have requesting an elective.

2.      Follow the instructions on the page and enter all required information, including last name, first name, student number (optional), and current homeroom teacher.

3.      Use the pull-down menus to make your first and second choices for classes. If you do not have a second choice, please choose "none." Only available choices for your grade will be shown.

4.      When you are finished, don't forget to submit your form. At that time it will be time stamped.

5.      Please register only once per student. Multiple registrations will be ignored and only the LATEST one will count.

Registration Links

Request Link - 2nd Grade

Request Link - 3rd Grade

Request Link - 4th Grade

Request Link - 5th Grade


Frequently Asked Questions

When do monies need to be turned in for instrument rental? Deadline?

Rental money should be paid at the first class meeting. Any deviation from this can be discussed with the instructor AFTER the first class meeting.

 When does my student need an instrument?

 This varies by class. The instructor will let the student know when an instrument will be required. Generally, students begin playing the SECOND class meeting. Students do not need an instrument at the first class meeting.

 Where does the parent turn their money in?

 Money should be turned in to the elective teacher in order for the student to get proper credit. If there is an issue with this, it can be turned in to the office and then forwarded to the teacher. Payments should be made out to MKBB, or can be cash.

 If rentals are not available, then what?

 We have never run out of string instruments. If that were to happen, or band instruments need to be rented, it can be done by the parent through DB music or another music store. Currently, the AAE only rents violins to elementary students.

 Do I need to sign a contract?

 Parents only need to sign a contract if they are renting an instrument. These contracts are given out at the first class meeting.

 HOW to contact the teacher with any questions?

 Email addresses are provided on the acceptance form.

 Where does my young student meet the teacher for the first class?

 The teacher will meet the students in the courtyard the first day of class. After that, the student will go directly to the class at the prescribed time, unless the instructor decides otherwise.

 If my student got into his/her second choice, is he/she on a waiting list for their first choice?

 No. A student can only be in one elective class. If a student got into their second choice, it is because the first choice is full. Waiting list are generated by timestamp from those who did not get into their first choice OR second choice.

 Are there waiting lists for those who did not make it into a class? How does that work?

 Waiting lists are generated using the time stamp from registration. We do not accept add-ons to waiting lists. Also, waiting lists are ONLY valid for openings that occur during the first week of the elective class to fill “no shows.”  After that time, no one can be added to classes, even if students drop out. Please also see the answer above for more information regarding waiting lists.