The Lewis Center for Educational Research: Home of the Academy for Academic Excellence

We are a K - 12 Charter School located in Apple Valley, California. Located on the Mojave River, the Academy for Academic Excellence has become one of the primary schools of choice in the high desert of California. Please visit the Lewis Center website for more information.

AAE Digital Films

Welcome to the AAE Digital Filmstudios, a High School based film program instructing young filmmakers in the Art of Professional Motion Picture Creation. Students enrolled in our program learn all aspects of cinematography and have fun creating personal productions in every genre. Please be our guest and feel free to browse around our site, our students are proud of their productions, and we hope it inspires you to find your passion in art and create something that shows your inner-self to the world.

Marching World

Click here to order marching band supplies, such as bibbers, shoes, maces.... you name it! Please check with your band director before ordering to make sure you get items that are approved for our band.

Required Shoes

You can order your SPEEDSTER shoes here, or search the internet. Marching shoes are included in the yearly band fee for first-time members. Others may order from the school, or on their own.

Finding the KEYS to ROCK

This is a web-based lesson that Mr. Sockwell created. It takes the reader through the process of collecting data and analyzing results. Check it out! Band members may do this assignment for extra credit.

The Musical Culture of Black Americans

This is a powerpoint-based lesson on the contribution that Blacks have made to the musical culture of the United States. Please note: the link for the quiz that goes with the presentation does not work. Please email me for that information.

Virtual Saxophone

This is a lot of fun! You too can play saxophone, online! Click on the tracks, then click on the sax keys to make your own saxophone solo. I wish it were this easy.