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older files:

Downloads for 2014-15

Captain America March MP3

Liberty Bell March - Link to Practice Tracks

Downloads for 2011-12

Cadence 2011 Files

Cadence 2011 Music (pdf)

Cadence 2011 Audio File - Complete

Cadence 2011 Audio File - Snare

Cadence 2011 Audio File - Bass Drum

Cadence 2011 Audio File - Toms

Cadence 2011 Audio File - Cyms

Marching Song Demos (All must be memorized!)
Music for ALL of these pieces was available on the last day of school. Students were requested to take them home and learn them over the summer.

The Thunderer
Aztec Fire
An American Christmas
Deckin' It
IMPORTANT: Download the band information packet and return all pages as noted by August 4.

Band Packet 2011-12

Wind Ensemble (Walt Disney World Trip) Application. Due Friday, August 5.

Wind Ensemble Application

Downloads for 2010-11

Click on the file name to download. You will need Adobe Acrobat to read most files.

Winter Concert and Adelanto Parade Information

Ultrastar Ticket Order Form

Victorville parade REVISED information

Audio File: Instant Concert

Audio File: Wayfaring Stranger

LA County Fair and Hesperia Days Information Letter

La County Fair and Hesperia Days Checklist

Concert Absence Policy

Band Packet - Required for ALL band members

Thunderer MP3

Cadence: MUST be memorized - PDF File

Cadence Audio File - wav file 

Wish List 2010-11

Band Orientation Powerpoint (in PDF format)